The Here and Now

No matter the industry or topic, from profile pieces to white papers and beyond, I produce informative, engaging and refreshing content.

As a freelance writer I’ve been published in multiple industries including credit and accounts receivable, finance, fundraising, non profit and the arts.

How did I get here? I took advantage of a unique opportunity to produce freelance writing projects  around my marketing role in the financial services industry.  And then within the marketing role, I created and edited compelling content for the web, newsletters, RFP’s (request for proposal)- and sales scripts (designed to bring in new business and build trust with clients and prospects).

Rick Gabe… Freelance business development and accounts receivable writer
Picture this... Rick Gabe… Freelance business development and accounts receivable writer

The Proving Ground

Temple University, Klein College of Communications (ranked in the top 5) provided me the training and foundation with which to develop and flourish as a writer.

At Temple, I became deeply immersed in the launch and success of “Philadelphia People”, a  profile magazine distributed throughout the Philadelphia area.

As a student on the magazine staff, I performed copywriting and photography- assisted in planning sessions and spearheaded fundraising programs.

This ground-up publishing experience at Temple was a stellar proving ground for me to learn the many aspects of the publishing industry. It was also the impetus for my deep appreciation and understanding of successful businesses operated ethically and with integrity.

So—What Else?

Check out the home page for more on the specific industries where I excel as a content writer and editor. See the the portfolio page for samples of my published work.

Education and Academic Board Involvement:


Temple University
Philadelphia, PA

  • BA Communications - Magazine Journalism
  • Certificate of Editing
  • Alumni Board Member; Klein School of Communications - Since 2015
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