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Much has been written about wealth distribution in the US - and how nonprofits might strategize to acquire this wealth, especially through planned gifts. In this paper we take a deeper look...

DAL threshold

Maximizing Collections

Your debtor's threshold is that nebulous, collection-cycle timeframe when your customer actually makes the payment. It may be...

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Afterschool Program Gives Underserved Students Access to Music Education

Proud parent Eleanor Rooks clearly recalls a special performance by her two daughters and fellow students in Play On, Philly! (POP). On this night, parents, friends, and staff were brought to tears.

New Football Stadium Would Benefit Temple Campus, Neighborhood

Officials of Temple University made public in October their intention to build an on-campus stadium for the football team. A number of subsequent op-eds published since then have tried to…

Rick Gabe… Freelance business development and accounts receivable writer

Kensington School Program has Kids Rocking Toward a Musical Future

Over the last four years, siblings Alexus Arthur, 16, and Eugene Arthur, 13, have made meteoric strides in the MusiCore after-school music program at Rock to the Future (RTTF) in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood.

Blog: Singers and Their Songs - Parts 1 & 2

In an earlier post, we briefly examined some of the challenges singers face in building a song catalogue for performance, or album or demo recording.

Here we’ll take a more in depth look at how singers might approach the structure of their songs from the outset.

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